#28daysofred | Day 11 - With an Orange Tint

On orange we mount, on orange we glide, on orange we slide.

Nope, that intro was totally made up to catch your atttention and I hope it worked, lol. This was the most difficult shoot to conceive and even shoot (hope you guys know that all the pictures from the series are photographed & edited by me). I wanted something different from the others, something 'befitting' as this is the most expensive in my collection.
Good gosh I love this product. 
The YSL Tatouage Couture 1 matte lip stain is super lightweight. It doesn't even feel as if I have anything on my lip at all. The only downer though is it needs to be applied in at least 2 layers. Also, it has a bit of an orange undertone to it which makes the yellow in my skin pop.

See how I struggled with ensuring the pictures in this post had the same colouring, le sigh.
Did I remember to mention that the scarf I used as some kind of background is one of my very own design? Holler if you want to see more of those.
Lagos, Nigeria

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