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19 Aug 2018 Lagos, Nigeria

My journey with Hairfinity didn't start today. However, it did start with the first product they ever came out ie. Dietary Supplement and I didn't write anything about it then because I was one of those who had the horrible side effect of 'acne attack'. It was terrible. Within about 3 or 4 days of taking the supplements, I had big, painful pimples. I'm pleased to say they took all our feedback, went back, reformulated the product and added even more that I'm honestly excited about.

The Hairfinity haircare range is sulfate/silicone free so perfect for natural hair (as you know we stay away from sulphate as much as we can). It was a pleasant surprise for me and I was excited about trying out the products.

I've had a chance to use and I must say I'm impressed. Here's my verdict:
Gentle Cleanse Shampoo: One of the things I've encountered in the course of using Natural Hair shampoos - most of which have the native black soap as an ingredient and also shea butter in them as extra moisture - is the fact that after a while, they do leave residue. To combat this, I use a sulfate shampoo to get my hair squeaky clean 2 or 3 times a year. The Hairfinity Gentle Cleanse Shampoo doesn't have that challenge at all. I'm not sure how they did it, maybe it's their trademarked capilsana complex which is said to be a collagen boost that speeds up hair growth and makes it stronger, who knows. But, the shampoo leaves my scalp feeling squeaky clean.

Balanced Moisture Conditioner: I'm used to conditioners having a bit of slip which is immediately felt when applied to the hair. When I applied this on my hair, my first thought was about the huge chunk of hair I'd have to pull out as the product didn't seem to detangle anything. More than a handful later, I changed my mind. Although the product doesn't have the kind of slip I'm used to, it did detangle my hair while retaining the squeaky clean feel from shampooing.

Oh, these are the bottles after one wash. I daresay they aren't quite economical *runs away*
Strengthening Amino Masque: I know nothing about hair masques and I said as much in my first impressions video but I read up on this one like I promised I would. According to Hairfinity, this masque is infused with Keratin, Collagen, 4 natural oils, 6 essential oils Aloe Vera, Vitamin C amongst other stuff for super conditioned, moisturised and strong hair. You need to apply heat to the hair so the product is fully absorbed though. You all know I love strong shiny hair more than long hair so I'm dying to sit still for 20minutes in a steamer with this on my hair. I'll tell you guys all about it you can be sure.
Nourishing Botanical Oil: I'm a sucker for oils. On the body, face or hair, I love oils. This one in particular has a strong mint scent which I absolutely love. I didn't get a leave-in conditioner but really wanted to know how good the oil is so I used this directly after conditioning my hair in the shower. I wouldn't exactly say it provided the moisture a leave-in gives but it worked to add some life back to my hair after the shampoo & condition. I love that its lightweight which means it doesn't weigh down the hair and my hair was shiny and healthy looking the next day when it had dried. 
Infinite Edges Serum: this is the product I'm most skeptical about. I've always been super conscious of the edges on the right side of my head and felt I needed to have it treated but all my trichologist friends say there is nothing wrong with it *le sigh*. Anyway, if this product makes my edges a full busy mane all the way to my brows, then it will be a superstar in my book for sure. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one. Surprisingly, its the most expensive of the lot.
Dietary Supplement: I've tried this before and I had an acne attack within a couple of days. I'm quite reluctant to give this another go but it doesn't seem like I have a choice. I've been informed that the formulation has been improved on but still.....

Anyway, this is a new hair journey for me and I'm excited to try out new products, new formulations and really be adventurous with my hair this time around. So I'm going to try out all the products from Hairfinity for at least a month and give my verdict on them. I'll be back with an update post + empty 

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