Review | The Multiple Uses of Gel Liners

18 Aug 2017 Lagos, Nigeria

You guys know how much I love my versatile beauty products. As much as I try to stay away from cream foundation, I love cream, coloured makeup products because of their versatility. Today, I'll be sharing with you the special thing about gel liners I love.

It has taken me a long time to admit that gel liners are great. This is mainly because I was of the opinion then that I had to use them just for lining my eyes. I'm older now and definitely wiser and I do know better so I've quite a number of ways I use gel liners now.

Don't worry, you don't need to ask, that's why I'm here afterall - to share my knowledge with you
So here goes the various ways I use gel liner (disclaimer - I came up with these ways myself and if they happen to coincide with anyone else's, my apologies)
  1. As Eyeliner: that's a given right? Need I say more? This has to be done with a brush or applicator though. Some of them come with an applicator and some don't. But every makeup junkie has an eyeliner brush in her collection so no worries. (p.s. your eyebrow brush can double as a liner brush for when you are in a pinch)
  2. As Eyeshadow: this is one of my favourite ways to use gel/cream liners. I usually test how soft and pliant they are the moment I get them for this very purpose. Application is with my finger as it helps to warm the product making it blend easy
  3. As Highlighter: so this one is a bit tricky. Actually, only certain gel liner formulations can be used for this and of course it has to have shine particles and be gold or silver or shades in that family. Light application with the finger is needed for this and really, it's just for dramatic purposes really (wouldn't recommend this for everyday wear)
  4. As Lip colour: i like to stretch products so you'll see using a gel liner for an editorial lip look or if it's a really nice shade and has a soft texture, I'll use it for regular wear too.
  5. As Brow definer: this is going to be for mainly editorial purposes really but still, if brow gels exist, then by all means go ahead and use your gel liner to define your brows.
Will be creating a video series for the various ways you can use a gel liner on my YouTube channel so make sure you are subscribed to it so you don't miss the series.

So let me know if you are adventurous with gel liners and what you use them for. If it's anything outside the 4 things I listed above, I'd love t incorporate it into the video series too so pls leave me a comment below.

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