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5 Apr 2017 Lagos, Nigeria

I'll be on leave for 2 weeks and totally excited about that.
I'll be able to wake up at 9am everyday, lol. You know I'm not going to do that right? I'm too much of a workaholic.

What I'm looking forward to doing most is work on my photography and editing. For a newbie in the photography scene I'm not doing too badly *even if I do say so myself*. Teaching myself digital marketing, I'm now able to learn from online content and have mastered a couple of photoshop techniques from YouTube videos. Not enough though, but I'm getting there fast.

During my leave, I've planned a beauty & fashion shoot with a fellow blogger and thoroughly looking forward to it as it'll be the first photography creative work I'll be doing.
Then, let's see if I can step up my product shots too why don't we.
Anyway, because I'm happy.......

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