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14 Mar 2017 Lagos, Nigeria

It's not what you can do but what you do with what you can do that matters.

I love taking pictures of people. Half the time, I'm the blogger helping other bloggers take great pictures with their cameras or the one peeping out the window for that great sunset shot.
I love beauty too.
I mean, I'm a great makeup artist (even if I do say so myself). I love trying out new products, taking beautiful product shots, swatching the product to check out the colour payoff & pigmentation.
I wonder, why not bring these 2 together?
A skill and a passion - from 2, make them one.

somehow, the lack of accessories makes this picture all the more cleaner. I love her frozen smile, the texture of the braids, her hairburns, the ribbing of the dress.

model & mua - @jesuis_joanne
outfit - @sisijane
makeup products - Zaron

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