#28daysofred | Day 6 - Buy Nigerian with Thando's

6 Feb 2017 Lagos, Nigeria

I'm odd and I'm not ashamed to say it.
I don't wear heels and when I venture to I end up wearing flats for the next couple of days after simply because my feet need to heal from the stress of it all. From the moment I knew about Thando's, it was love at first site. 
I got my first pair free and my second pair at the SLA X Facebook event.

Wearing them for a couple of days, it occurred to me improvements needed to be done in the design as the sole was a too flat for our terrain. Little did I know that others had also complained and given feedback. Apparently, the feedback on this aspect of the design was A LOT.

There was a redesign and I decided to treat myself to the Kach Me If You Can upgraded version (I had the old peep-toe style which is flattering to my feet and could pass for formal wear) but the covered option which the re-design came in looked more formal so I decided to go for it, besides it was the only one available I think.


I love the new textured, patent finish, the new soles which are sturdier than before, the fit inside makes it feel like my feet is enveloped in foam, lol. And the signature coloured sole of course. This fit right into my series as the sole for the upgraded Kach Me If You Can is red *grin*

Have you tried Thando's before? Which design is your favourite?

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