#28daysofred | Day 4 - Clinique Lip Pop Saturday

4 Feb 2017 Lagos, Nigeria

 Saturdays are my me days. I stay home, iron my clothes, do laundry, capture my content for the week/month by sitting in front of a camera or standing behind it for hours until my back hurts or just laze around, watch TV and simply do nothing. That's a typical saturday for me. 

I'm telling you this so you know the reason why I wrinkle my face as a first response to "What are your Saturdays like?" Hun, my Saturdays don't mean nothing to you.

BUT, when I do decide to make an effort on Saturday, I prefer it to be as minimal as possible so it's usually a simple, easy swipe of red lipstick, smudged liner, a puff for my hair and I'm good to go. Anything other than this on a Saturday is too much afterall I spend most of it without makeup so who cares?

The point of me rambling on and on about Saturdays is that they are my happy days ie. the days I do what simply makes me happy. Whether working till I drop on this site or simply doing nothing. I think the +Clinique UK lip pops really add to the feeling I have on saturdays. Even though I may have to dress up to go somewhere, the fact that I don't have to go through the huddle of moisturising my lips, lining them before applying the colour. Because they are a mix of balm and colour, applying directly to the lips is a breeze. My favourite Saturday Clinique Lip pop reds - Passion pop & Cherry pop.

What are your favouritered lipsticks for a calm, easy Saturday outing?

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