#28daysofred | Day 15 - Red Inspiration 'Jackie Aina'

Jackie is my home-girl.
She is the home-girl of every Nigerian beauty lover out there and don't we just love how she be representing Nigeria so well in the abroad?
Sometimes I just want to hug her.

Since this series is dedicated to the colour red and Nigerian bloggers who inspire me, Jackie is definitely on the list and if you aren't already subscribed to her YouTube channel, darling, you are on a looong thing. Better go subscribe here right now

Now where was I?
So Jackie been doing this blogging thing way before I came on the scene and she be super successful and making us all get off our behinds and put our hearts and souls into content creation. If she isn't an inspiration (what! with working with the UN and all that stuff, who wouldn't be inspired?) then darling, I don't know what is.
It's my series and I get to decide what's included and what isn't. I love the outfit, yeah its orange, but it's still in the red family isn't it?

Ta! Just love Jackie and get a move on people
Lagos, Nigeria

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