Event | She Leads Africa #SLAYFESTIVAL

24.1.17 Savage St, Ebute Metta, Lagos, Nigeria

YES, I WAS AT THE SLA #SlayFestival! Lol
I'm so glad I was able to make it too.

I've been a fan of SLA (She Leads Africa) pretty much since their inception (see their first event with Facebook), and I've followed everything they've done within Nigeria and outside Nigeria. When I heard about the festival, I knew it was going my first event after so long.  Most of all, I knew it was going to be an awesome event of learning, networking and generally being amongst strong, inspirational, young women.

It was freaking hot, but I kind of expected it so wasn't too surprised. Although I must admit that the weather put a lot of people off. I was there to have fun so bring it on. I almost didn't bring out my camera as usual, but with all the style and natural hair inspiration around, there was no way I wasn't going to.

I took tons of pictures, saw a lot of old friends/fellow bloggers + members of the beauty industry & bumped into colleagues too (check out the #SlayFestival streetstyle). 

Here's my story
Very first picture was this lady whose outfit I really liked. For some reason I was drawn to the sleeves. I sure took her by surprise when I asked if I could take her picture.
In the heat, it was a wonder people had on a full face of makeup. I mean, the lady on the left had glitter on her eyes *sigh*
Bidemi of LSF|PR & Rhema of House of Tara.
Very animated conversation which I couldn't help capturing and Bidemi was so hot she couldn't stop fanning herself.
p.s. she did PR for the #SlayFestival. Kudos girl.
Nibi Lawson of the Kinky Apothecary doing an interview.
p.s. I was waylaid for this same interview when I arrived. I hope I didn't say rubbish and looked mildly presentable, lol.
OMG, there was an abundance of Natural Hair inspiration. You really should check out @just.streetstyle for more

I missed the panel talk with Mary Remmy Njoku (who I had REALLYYYYY wanted to meet) and Kemi Adetiba talking about "Getting Paid in the Media Industry". Thankfully, I didn't miss the one with Arese Ugwu & Toke Makinwa who talked about "Building Your Brand & Cashing Out". These 2 women, in the past 1 year, have taken over the Nigerian online space by storm - from Arese's book which was toured all over Nigeria to Toke Makinwa's which is now a best seller, there's no one else who could have taken this session. Not only did they use the online space to build their brands, they controlled it perfectly to their advantage & hugely profited from it.
The men weren't left out as Audu Maikori, MI Abaga & Debola Lagos were also on hand to tell us what it feels like "Being a Man in the 21st Century". I'm not married or in a relationship but I know it must be pretty difficult being a man in a world that seems to be intensely different from the one in which our parents lived. 
Ezinne of Beauty in Lagos is going to kill me for this picture but I absolutely couldn't resist. Sorry hun.
I was showing only the Natural haired ladies all the love and she did stand out with the purple lipstick so yes, she deserves to be in this post *grin*
I just really liked this Art Space. I asked them who they were but they didn't say so can't tell you. Such a shame.

Enjoy the rest of my streetstyle & check out @just.streetstyle on Instagram for more.
 I met sooooooo many fans. It was super exciting.
A big thank you to everyone who stopped me to say hi, took a selfie with me and generally just took time out to let me know you follow me on social media. I really do love you guys.
Didn't really pay attention to the vendors even though I captured some of them in the video I recorded of the #SlayFestival (coming to my YouTube Channel soon)

Overall, the #SLayFestival was a superbly awesome event. I did miss the Durotoye's and wasn't really interested in the music as that isn't my thing, but I was glad I went.
The only downside for me though was the fact that I paid for the Oga Madam ticket which was 300% more expensive than the regular ticket. If I'd known I would have gotten the regular one as there was really no difference between the 2. The least I was hoping to get was a branded SLA #SlayFestival notepad since it was actually a knowledge sharing & networking event. You need somewhere to write what you've learnt & the contact information of the people you've met right?
Oh well, there'll be another time I guess and I'll be wiser.

I still have tons of pictures + information from the event & will continually update this post throughout this week (as na Naija we dey and internet no gree me upload the remaining pictures+video). So make sure to stop by everyday.
If you were at the #SlayFestival and I took a picture of you, look out for it either here or on @just.streetstyle
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