This Christmas | 2016

24 Dec 2016 Lagos, Nigeria

It's the end of the year!
Who would have thought that the year would go by so quickly. It was just the 1st of January and I was starting a new job in a couple of days, now it's Christmas and I've spent one year at my 'new' job. Waoh!

As you all know, the blog goes on break to resume in January. Every year, I tell you guys I've something great planned for the next year, and every single time, I've failed as one thing or the other has taken me away from y'all. 

This time around, I just want to say a big THANK YOU! for being here with me this year. Through my absence and presence, my discovering new things and discarding the old, my disorderliness and perfect arrangement....through it all. You guys have no idea how much I appreciate it. This blog wouldn't exist if you weren't here and for me, the fact that you are here is all that matters.

This will be the very first time I'm publishing a Christmas themed post and I just wanted to share some of my recent favourites with you. They aren't necessarily new, but I've being picking them up more often recently. Hope you don't mind 
The Madam Ori oil was in my goodie bag from the first Luxury Beauty Brunch I got to attend. I'd heard so much about it before then so was excited to get it. It's such a lightweight oil & I don't get massages done as often as I should so I use it for my hair as well as my body (crime right? lol, i know but it's that good)

I've had these earrings for about 5 years now (if not more), every single time I wear them I feel like a million dollars. Unfortunately, I can't remember where or from whom I got them but they are super gorgeous and for the woman of class.

I've only received 3 Christmas presents in my whole life and 2 of them were this year. This Tommy Hilfiger perfume is one of them. Although I hate my perfumes to finish cos then I can never find them again (sob! Prada Candy! loud sob!), I've been unable to stop myself from reaching for this every single time I'm stepping out of the house. it's soft, lingering scent is very endearing and even though I prefer strong scents to this, I feel womanly when I have this on.

Enough already, my Makari posts broke the internet (in my mind) but this 24k Or Rose serum is the bomb! kaboom! let's even try to ignore the gold flecks in the product, who can ignore the fact that it actually brightens the complexion in less than 7 days? It does exactly what it says it will do and for me, that's 10/10.

I wear my anti-reflective glasses on those days when my face needs some cheering up. I must say that apart from being a fashionable accessory for me (sneak a peek at the ombre white & gray frames y'all) they've done a great job of reducing headaches I get from staring at screens for too long. I forget to wear them sometimes but they are always just a reach away from me more than 90% of the time.

That's all from me this year beautiful people uhm...muah!
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