#ThisisLagos | Pt. 1, Living in Lagos

21 Nov 2016 Lagos, Nigeria

A lot of people have no idea how deep my love for landscape photography is. I can do anything for the perfect landscape picture, forget selfies, those are temporal but landscapes are forever. They are the stuff of what history is made of.

Sometime last year, or this year or thereabouts, but not too long ago, I craved landscapes. The type of landscape pics that would make me long for more but the ones I saw were way too commercial for my consumption. So one day, on my way to work, I decided to use what I had in my hand to capture a fleeting moment.

That was it!
That was how my landscape photography using mobile phones was born and I've had more fun with it than anyone can imagine.
Although, when I travel outside the confines of Lagos city, I have a DSLR in my hand and it's the only travel companion I'll ever need.

It just occurred to me that I hadn't shared this love with y'all here on the blog so I'll be creating a series titled #thisisLagos. That's my permanent Lagos landscape hashtag so I thought it would be a perfect name for these posts (especially since I can't post them all at once & will be breaking them up in posts of 7 each)


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