3 Simple Steps to a Gorgeous Nude Lip

26 Jul 2016 Lagos, Nigeria

It has always been assumed that the next best thing to a red lip is a red lip… No kiddin’.

But there is such a thing as a super sexy nude lip which makes your lips look twice their size and as desirable as if you had a siren red lip on. There is of course the added benefit of there being no danger of your hands and entire outfit looking like they had blood stains on them.

Kevyn Aucoin created what he liked to call the 3-dimensional nude lip (which can otherwise be called an Ombre Nude Lip). This variation of the nude lip served the purpose of not just giving your lips added colour, but also made lips look fuller and more alive than ever. His nude lip technique works well for women with thin lips lips giving them fuller pouts. 

To achieve this, Kevyn Aucoin made very good use of light, shade and shine. Let’s break it down into steps:
  • Step 1: First use a slightly darker-than-your-lips flesh toned pencil to line the edges of the lips. For some, this may mean a variation of brown lip pencil (ensure that the brown isn’t too dark as it’ll spoil the effect and it shouldn’t be too light as it won’t provide the right amount of contrast needed)Blend edges of lip liner. Try The Kevyn Aucoin Flesh tone pencils 
  • Step 2: Fill in lips with nude lipstick that appropriately matches skin undertone making sure to create a seamless blend between liner and lip colour. It’s so difficult to recommend a universal nude shade but one you should try is the Fashion Fair Lace lipstick
  • Step 3: Apply gloss to the centre of your lips. Gloss should be high shine and have slight shimmer in it. I’ve been loving the Makeup Designory Lip gloss in Bare recently
The idea is to create contrast between Shade Light & Shine.

Shade: the lip liner to define the lips and create an area of focus
Light: the lip colour to give it body and
Shine: the gloss to draw attention to the centre of the lips by bringing it forward.

The video above is a how-to for a 3 – dimensional nude lip aka. ombre nude lip using these products:
– NYX Cappucino lip pencil
– Miss Rose 3 d lipstick
– Zaron 24karat lipgloss
– MUD Bare lipgloss

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