Review | Illusions Cosmetics Butterfly Palette

30.6.16 Lagos, Nigeria

Anyone that knows me when it comes to makeup also knows that I'm never one to go all out with the colours when I'm doing MY makeup. I wear nude all day everyday and the burst of colour is very unpredictable and never expected....even by me.

But I received this very pretty palette from Illusions Cosmetics. It's the Butterfly Palette in Summer Habits. This is my first bright coloured quad ..... i think. I instantly fell in love with it even though I was unsure about what I was going to do with it (I mean, colour is strange to me so that's a reasonable thought right?) Surprisingly, not too long after, coupled with my utter love for blue eyeshadow, I wore one of the colours Can you guess which colour?
The colours in this palette, though bright, are well balanced which I believe is what gives it that super attractive look and feel to it. Inviting and welcoming, drawing in and making you hold on to it like you don't want to let it go just yet. 

For me the best part is that even though there is only one matte shade, I figured the Tunnell sisters wanted me to explore my coloured side, the shades are versatile & super pigmented
  • I used the pink shade as a blush in the look below and the purple can also be used as a blush.
  • I packed on the blue when I wanted to use it (see image below) but regretted it 'cos it seemed like it was going to be a very intense look which is unacceptable as I was going to work.
YES. I love that when I used the blue, it was super easy to blend and not stiff at all like some matte products are. I forgive the others for not being fully matte though 'cos the shine in them is so slight it's almost unnoticeable and they do blend easily as well.
Lest I forget, the colours are interchangeable. You can either buy the Summer Habits palette or you buy an empty quad palette and purchase any single eyeshadows you want to make up the quad.

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