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6 Jun 2016

Let's just say serums have never been a way of life for me. I've only recently actually and deliberately taken out time, effort, money and everything else to take care of my skin so it's no surprise, i guess. I know they say the mainstay of great skincare is cleanse, tone and moisturize but I've needed a bit more than that over the years 'cos I'm prone to acne and uneven skin (for pete's sake, I've a birthmark on the left side of my tummy that's as black as charcoal. That tendency permeates other parts of my body too.)

Enough about my skin for now. 
When +Clinique launched in Nigeria, I got a couple of products in my goodie bag at the press launch event. The Turnaround Concentrate Radiance Renewer was one of them and I did a first time review of it. I've had the chance to try it for much longer and here's my verdict
The packaging is slip proof for when you want to apply the serum in the shower right after dabbing the water off your face before skin becomes dry. the packaging is so delicately blue, it's annoyingly pretty (if there's anything like that)

As you may have guessed, this product has been discontinued/renamed. It's now the Clinique Turnaround Revitalising Serum which is the exact same product but with a little less Salicylic Acid in it.

I'm not sure about the skin becoming softer and younger overtime especially as I've had to use other products in-between but my skin does radiate a certain glow almost immediately after using this product. I'm yet to notice the matte finish it gives having any longer lasting effect on my makeup like a matte primer would, maybe because of my skin type though. Overall, I'd definitely recommend this to everyone regardless of skin type but perhaps not anyone with dry skin as dry skin needs loads of hydration and moisture.

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*This product can be purchased at The Nail Studio - 9, Aboyade Cole str. Victoria Island, Lagos OR call 08099451991 to order

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