How To Channel Your Inner Bond Girl

18 Jun 2016 Lagos, Nigeria

Ever since the first James Bond film hit theaters in 1962, the heroines of the franchise have been sleuthing, seducing, and slaying—all while wearing an evening gown and stilettos. The quintessential Bond girl is equal parts sophisticated, sultry, and glamorous, with a wardrobe built to match. While the majority of women would love to channel their inner femme fatale every now and again, most of us don’t have the budget for the posh designer pieces 007’s ladies wear on screen. Fortunately, looking (and feeling) like a bombshell doesn’t have to mean diving into your life’s savings. Here’s how to take style inspiration from the Bond girls—without breaking the bank.

Choose Body-Skimming Silhouettes

Elegant evening wear is without a doubt a huge part of any Bond girl’s wardrobe. But if a full-fledged gown seems a bit out of reach (or impractical), a cocktail dress can easily have the same eye-catching impact, despite its shorter length. Choose a style that shows off your best features, whether that happens to be your long legs, small waist, delicate collarbone, curvy hips, or all of the above. As Lyst writes, body-con silhouettes are the perfect way to up the after-dark wow factor, not to mention the best style for accentuating any shape. Other knockout options that are just as figure-flattering include wrap dresses, A-line styles, and—for ladies who prefer pants over skirts—a sleek jumpsuit that hugs your body in just the right places.

Don’t Shy Away from Bold Colors
Though it’s true that black and white are classic color choices when it comes to channeling the Bond girls, the films’ heroines certainly aren’t afraid to step out in bright colors, either. Rich shades of red, green, and blue make for some of the most memorable ensembles, whether it comes to an evening gown or a blouse worn with jeans. And while neon or pastel hues are often difficult to pull off, jewel tones—from smoky quartz to pale citrine—make anyone look glowy, according to So, choose your favorite gemstone-inspired color and prepare to turn heads in true screen-siren style.

Keep Accessories Classic
Above all else, a Bond girl is timeless. So, when it comes to your accessories, keep things simple by following the “less is more” rule of thumb. Stay away from overly trendy pieces, instead opting for classic jewelry. Who What Wear notes a handful of jewelry-box staples that are both lovely and enduring, such as a single-cuff bracelet, teardrop earrings, and a simple metallic choker necklace or large statement pendant.
For shoes, it goes without saying that heels are a must. While go-to black or nude pumps work well to tie together any look, a strappy heel or stiletto with a twist (think contrasting heel color, thin ankle strap, luxe suede fabric) will add even more interest to your ensemble.

So tell me, how would you channel your inner Bond Girl?

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