Tutorial + Video | How - To Achieve Quick & Easy Nude Lips

27 May 2016

Next in line, just seconds after the world famous and super seductive red lip look is the nude lips, Less vivacious but equally effective, it gets the job done and leaves your lips dripping with charm and attraction.

Don't be deceived, just like the red lips, nude lips can be a bit of a downer when it comes to application cos you've got to get it just right or risk looking like the walking dead with deathly looking lips, 

Thankfully, second to my lip balm laden lip look is the nude lips and I've a routine down pat for achieving the perfect ones that suit my warm toned skin beautifully. You don't have to ask loves, it's my pleasure to share this routine with you all while I moan and groan about the soon demise of my beloved Zaron 24karat lipgloss which is essential in creating my perfect nude lips *sob*
Have any questions about the best nude lips for your skin? Just holler in the comments and I'll be right here with the answers for you. Also, let me know how you wear your nude lips and if there are any other lip looks you'd like to see me try.

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