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19 May 2016

Clinique is in Nigeria!
That much we've established and they sell out of The Nail Studio.
I was invited to select 5 lipsticks and do a mini-review of them. I selected some shades I liked like red and pink of course, lol. I included a couple of nudes and an inbetween shade which i ended up not liking very much but didn't turn out too bad.

Here's a short video with swatches of the lipsticks I selected and reviews of each one after the video (i shared a couple behind-the-scenes snaps on Snapchat while recording this video, lol. Loads of funny faces you bet)

  1. Matte Magenta: A pure, blue based pink shade which I was afraid was going to make my teeth look brown when I smiled (pink lip colour tends to do that so beware of pink lip colours if you aren't confident of your teeth). But it was really nice. A bit patchy when I applied it though so I'd advise using a lip brush to apply so it blends smoothly on the lips. Thankfully, it isn't very matte so there is no fear of the patchiness becoming worse than it typically is.
  2. Pure Posh: everyone in the store loved this when I tried it on. It mimicked my skin perfectly appearing like I had nothing on my lips but exuding a glow that made my lips look so healthy and perfect for kissing. Let's just call it the perfect nude bronze
  3. Matte Crimson: what can I say? It's the perfect red. One application is all I needed to achieve the perfect pout. It has a moisturising matte finish that isn't harsh on the lips.
  4. Matte Suede: quite pigmented but unfortunately horrible for my skin tone so I had to create a quick fix with a brown lip pencil and pinkish-nude gloss. That's the disadvantage of some nude shades actually, they tend to look great in the tube but then need to be partnered with another product to be perfect on the skin.
  5. All Heart: A bronzey dark red shade. I'm not a fan of jewel tone lipsticks so I didn't like this one too much. While it glides on smooth, it isn't very pigmented so more than a couple of applications are needed for it to show up way more than average.
*This product can be purchased at The Nail Studio - 9, Aboyade Cole str. Victoria Island, Lagos OR call 08099451991 to order

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