Fly On The Wall - March (at 7i)

31 Mar 2016

2 years ago,I came across a super hilarious group post and totally loved it. I contacted the organiser of the series and asked if I could join she and a couple of other moms even though I was single and lived with my sister and they said it was ok and this post here was born.

I haven't had a chance to do another one since then cos it seemed no one else was interested and Shelly even spoke about stopping her blog *sob*, but a couple of days ago, we laughed so hard at work and I literally had an eureka moment - Why don't I do a Fly On The Wall Office series? Brilliant right? So here I came and started putting down snippets.

Unfortunately, I started a little too late into the month so don't have much to go on but this here is a good start I believe.

If you were a fly on the wall of my office, here are some of the things you would hear and maybe then you'd see how they happened, lol.

Ty - Barbara, I don't have a brief
Me -  But I'm working without a brief too na
Ty - huh!

Td comes into the office and holds the door for A
Td - come in and say thank you
(i mean who does that? Lol)

Craig David 'Follow Me' playing
O - Follow you to which bedroom
Ty - do you want me to invite you?
O - I won't even come sef
Td - Maybe you want to invite Barbara
(rolls eyes)

Td - Barbara where are you from?
Me - Delta state
Td - Delta girls are wicked
Ty - Delta girls can go 7 rounds
O - huh!
Me - Td what did you say?
Td - Delta girls are wicked
Me - So Ty, how does wicked and what you said go together? I'm confused

Me - N, reaching out to tap him
N - catches my hand, can't you talk to me without tapping me?
Me - surprised cos I hate it when my sister does it *sigh*

Td - Hi Siri
Siri - I don't what isiri means
Td - Hello Siri
Siri - Hello there
Td - Pls save June 1st in my calendar
Siri - I'm sorry, I don't know what you are saying. Try an internet search
A - 1st of June. How will she know what you mean
Td - 1st of June
Siri - hmm, let me think.

Office party
Td - Kini DJ Lah play?
O - He's warming up
A - After being in traffic for 5 hours eh

Td - O, pls get me more chicken
A - we are managing it na. That's why we didn't invite the entire group
Td - How many them go chop?
A - the FiB guys are coming na
Td - How many dem go chop? One each.
A - Asian Client?
Td - Ah, %$*& plenty

Me - I uploaded a video of the party to my Facebook page. Just random clips though
Td - I hope I didn't appear in it
Me - you did na. With A sef where you were trying to cover your face ni
we watch the video
Td - I didn't see A.
Me - she is there. Standing beside you when you put your hand out and DJ Lah in the background.
A - His name is not DJ Lah o. It's DJ L.A. It's O that gave him DJ Lah. Don't know where she got it from.
Td - LOL. You are creative jare don't mind her

Watch out for April Edition.

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