First Impression | YSL Beauty Fusion Ink Foundation, Pure Colour Lipstick & High Impact Color Eyeshadow

18 Feb 2016

Diamonds are a woman's best friend but gold? Gold screams premium. Forgive me but I'll notice gold first before trying to decipher whether the stones are real diamonds or not, lol.

I received a pretty bag and in it were products in gold packages. The papers were looking a bit rough but you know how there is a phrase that implies the fact that you have to mine gold before it shines through or wash the mud off a diamond before you see its real worth? Yeah, the same applies here 'cos I opened the gold packs and was in awe. Ok, alright, this is my first gold packaged makeup *tongue out*

I was at a loss on what to try out first but I finally settled on the foundation seeing as how it took unboxing almost 15 of them to find my shade.

Uhm, before you start getting any ideas, I think you guys should know that Golden Beige is the darkest shade in this +YSL Beauty Foundation series (just thought I should put that out there since it was my first impression of the product). Unfortunately for y'all, its a great product. I swatched it before using and it actually does have a silky matte texture to it. A bit skeptical that it wasn't my exact shade though.
Unfortunately, I didn't get to choose the shade I like in the lipstick. Melon D'or is a duo-tone pink and gold shade of lipstick and anyone who knows me, knows I hate metallic lipsticks so this isn't exactly a favourite of mine. Thankfully, my Mum has offered to take it off my hands.
I mean take a good look at the packaging. It's to die for.
I initially thought that especially with it being a matte shade by a brand who's darkest foundation is my skin shade, it wouldn't show up. Alas, I was proved wrong, very wrong. This is now my favourite matte brown eyeshadow next to Bobbi Brown Chocolate matte eyeshadow.

Have you tried any of these products before? What do you think about them?

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