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17 Mar 2015

Monochrome Androgynous Fashion
It's pretty obvious I love monochrome and for some wierd reason I'd rather do brown and white than black and white.

I'll be starting a series here called My Work Wardrobe just to give you guys an idea of how I dress to work - from shoes, to clothes, to accessories and if possible, how I do my hair as well.

This is the first in the series and features my absolute favourite work combo which is

  • crisp, long sleeve white shirt. I'm not a fan of mid-length sleeves. It is either a short sleeve or a long sleeve for me. Long sleeves are what I would typically wear on a 'serious' Monday, lol.
  • checkered pants. My pants are purchased from the mens section of any store I go into. Mainly because I do have a hard time finding what suits my hips and waist at the same time. I hate trying on endless clothes looking for the perfect fit and the mens section seems to have solved all my pants problems
  • sleeveless sweater. Do I really need to wear a sweater in Lagos? Nope, but they are so comfy I have 3 of them but wear them so well that people assume I have several, lol. Barbara wakes up and doesn't find what to wear? I throw a sweater on a shirt.
  • oxford lace ups. My new obsessions and I'm not reneging anytime soon. See my latest oxford purchase here. I got them from +Konga.com. I love them with a bit of a heel sometimes too.
  • satchel bag. Is there anything more comfortable than a satchel? I don't think so. For a bit of extra style, I use the flap handle instead of the strap though and it works too. My current favourite is the AD by Agbani satchel bag in red.
What's your favourite work wear colour?


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