7 Easy Steps to a Fabulously Gorgeous Smokey Eye

13 Mar 2015

Award season has come around again and we are in a frenzy wondering what the perfect look to rock the red carpet is. I know the red carpet is not for all of us, and while it would be great if we could trudge along to all the events with a bare face (which is the easiest look of all), we know we can’t because we need to have our best face forward for all them paparazzi. 
Welcome, the matte smokey eyes. It looks great for all types of events and can be paired with nude lips or loud lips. Great for the season if you ask me.
This is now literally my go-to look with a quick lip change for any night out.
Here are a few tips to hep you achieve the perfect smokey eye.
  • Use a base - As much as I love the Bobbi Brown matte eyeshadows in Charcoal and Chocolate because of its packed pigments, I still prefer to apply them on a good crème base first. This helps me use less product with more impact. Shimmer free, flesh toned crème bases are best for this look. 
  • Get your brushes right - The right brushes are key for this look. One size doesn’t fit all. Keep your eyes on the prize and practice division of labour instead of thinking about which brushes have multiple uses. 
  • Start Small - Don’t pack it all at once. Use a small eyeshadow brush to apply the matte colour close to the lash line.
  • Build - Continue applying the colour until the entire lid is covered fully and evenly. Build it up to the crease of the eye.
  • Blend - Using a flat eyeshadow brush with a fluffy edge, blend the colour well on the lids. Switching to a crease brush, tap the tips with a neutral matte eyeshadow and blend out the edges of the dark eyeshadow well.
    • I recommend MAC Samoa Silk eyeshadow
*repeat steps 1 – 5 on lower lashline using the small eyeshadow brush only
  • Close up - Using a kohl pencil, line your waterline and lashline ensuring that all flesh gaps are covered. 
    • I recommend L’oreal  Midnight Black eye pencil
  • Lash it - Adding a volume mascara is perfect for this look so make sure you don’t scrimp on it. Apply 2 coats to both upper and lower lashes for maximum flutter.

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