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16 Jan 2015

Working in an office everyday from 9 - 5 doesn't bring out one's true creative genius. That much I and all my other corporate counterparts can tell you for free. Sitting at my desk and looking at these pictures, I am almost inclined to say "this isn't me". What I do know for sure is that this right here is the epitome of my alter ego.

I was a true tomboy when I was a little girl, I hated anything that would disturb my hands and fell in love with backpacks and rucksacks right away. Sometimes I'm not sure whether to be pleased I grew up into a pear shaped woman or not because I still dress and behave like a boy sometimes, scratch that, most times. This heavily embellished clutch however, appealed to ALL my senses and I just had to have it *wink*

I must say, only my alter ego could have rocked a short dress, dark makeup, shoulder length earrings and a lot of leg showing with such fierceness. Did I know that the dress was this short? NO. Perhaps if it was just me, I would have been too self conscious to let out such a fierce vixen.

I must admit though, this dress is hawt. I love black, and purple is my next pick for the most universal colour in the world, besides the dress is a mixture of textures and so comfortable. I almost felt like I wasn't wearing anything when I had it on.

*dress, clutch & earrings can be purchased at a 50% discount at The Nail Studio; 9, Aboyade Cole street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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