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24 Oct 2014

This is most likely the most out-dated review post for the Sleek Studio Flash-a-pout lip stains but I'm putting it up anyway *tongue out*. By the time of this post, I am actually missing Coined. I swatched them all previously but didn't like how the pictures came out so decided to do lip swatches all over again (still working on my lip swatches so no hating)
The buttons on top of the tubes are for turning on and off the LED lights. This will help to conserve them as I don't think there is a way of replacing the lights if they burn out. I think that is a really nice idea so they can be used even when the light isn't needed.
  • Forbidden: This is my favourite. The application is really smooth and effortless and the evenness of the product is beautiful. Two coats of this is enough for full coverage. Unlike some of the others, I can smack my lips while applying this product to help with the evenness of the product. Did I add that it is a very Autumn colour and you know how I am about dark colours this time of year.
  • Revolution: I must confess that this product doesn't help increase my fondness for orange lipstick (on myself) at all. While being a very picky shade of orange, this dries almost immediately and it is almost impossible to re-apply as there is the tendency to smudge, get it all wrong and you have to start all over again.
  • Naivety: I love the burst of blue-based pink (considering I'm not a fan of pink). This is one of the stains I would really love to wear more often especially because it is very flattering on most skin tones is hell to apply. I tried wearing this to church one sunday but it just wouldn't apply evenly. I applied and reapplied and out of frustration smacked my lips. That was the end of the look. I had to clean it off entirely with a tissue. There was a lovely pink stain left on my lips after that though.
  • Siren: Not as bright or red as I had initially hoped, infact, it does seem to have a melony tint to it. It doesn't flatter my complexion very well in my opinion and I have pretty much the same issues in application as with Naivety. Even though I must admit that it doesn't dry as fast as Revolution so gives more room for any last minute adjustments.
  • Duke: which is everyone's favourite. Don't get me wrong, I love Duke too but it is hell to apply evenly. For this picture, I applied 2 layers, took a pic, saw it was uneven and applied a third and fourth layer focused in the inner corner where the challenge was. Still, I ended up with this. However, it takes a while to dry matte thus making it very easy to use and providing time to ensure a perfect finish before you step out.
In the last visual on the right bottom, I was trying something out, I topped the S.Studio Duke swatch with House of Tara Tiye high shine lip gloss (in upper picture) and it came out very vampy but with a lot of sheen which I really liked. Definitely something I will be trying out sometime soon for an event most likely or for a shoot.

Have any of you tried the Flash-a-pout lipstains before? What do you think about them and which one is your favourite?

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