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3 Oct 2014

Receiving a press package from a PR company is sometimes like un-wrapping jewellery, lol.
Well, that's how I felt when I received this from The Bobby Taylor Company as a thank you for publishing a collection post.
apart from the fall-out which is expected of mineralise eyeshadows when you use them dry, this is an utterly golden eyeshadow duo. The first time I used it, I used the gold on my eyes and the almost silver one in my inner corner......all round gorgeousness!
Whoever said that there is nothing like a liquid gold liner has obviously never used Coppertone. I admit that it isn't exactly gold but copper like the name indicates. I am yet to use it as a liner but definitely looking forward to it. Used it as a base under a pink eyeshadow and it is literally un-describable how beautiful it looked. 
I'm sure I've begun to sound like a broken record but I'm not a fan of lipglosses. This however has me in a bit of a bind. Most days, I go for a sweep of gloss on my lips and I must say that this has me switching my regular nude lipgloss. It's really light and an absolutely flattering shade of pink. Obviously, you can tell that I love it right? lol
I was hoping it would be more opaque though but never mind, this works just fine
Once again, thank you to The Bobby Taylor Company for these goodies and you bet I'm looking forward to creating different looks with these.


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