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20 Oct 2014

I'm not sure why I'm yet to upload the pictures I took at the Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference and I apologise for the quality of the light in these images. My regular, portable source of light died right when I was about to start and I didn't want to postpone taking pictures of this exceptional nail art product.

So, there was a stand at Beauty Africa called Beautiful Paradise, they were actually also retailing a brand called 'Nyke Cosmetics'. Well, I've never heard of them before and thought it was intriguing. I met the daughter of the owner the day before the event was to start and thought she was very lovely so I decided I'd stop by.

On the 3rd day of the event when everyone was packing up, I passed by and she gave me this product called Nail Candy. Apparently, it is a Nail Art pen which I have never heard of. Considering I'v been wanting to try out nail art for the next time I grow my nails, I was happy to give this a go. I selected this pastels simply because I am not very used to pastels and I want to give them a chance.
You can unscrew and use both sides individually.
At first, I wondered what was fantastic about this product apart from the fact that it had 2 nail polish shades in 2 rubber tubes until I decided to take off the paper thingy that was stuck on one of the caps. That was when I knew about the magic this product could do.
I did what the little instruction book said and uncapped one of the ends.
here is a little test of the pen on my nails. 
I really think this product can change the typical way of doing nail art. I am not one for nail art because I think it is tedious but I did the dots and little triangles in no time at all and look forward to trying it out again.

I wonder though, can I use the pen with another nail polish brand? I have pretty cool nail polish shades which would be lovely for nail art. 
I will try it out.

Has anyone used this product before? What do you think about it?

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