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5 Oct 2014

Exactly one week ago, I was at a really lovely bloggers get together hosted by the gorgeous Dabs of www.naijahaircangrow.blogspot.com & owner of Savvy & Chich Hair & Beauty. Truthfully, I had initially thought it would be just natural hair bloggers but it was an eclectic mix of beauty, fashion, lifestyle and hair bloggers.
I was quite late (i think), there was a special service in church I absolutely wasn't missing and then had to contact Sisi Yemmie for location details and went round Ajose Adeogun twice looking for Sinari Daranijo where The Social Place is located. Thank God for Google maps and a passerby I asked. I'd probably not have made it (and would have kicked myself in the bum for that).

Anyway, I made it.....and it was a pleasant sight when I entered.
I'm very shy (it is very true) and usually look for anyone I know when I enter a gathering. Thus, I was outstandingly glad to see Stella of www.stellasaddiction.com the moment I walked in. I saw Dabs too thankfully. We were all supposed to come with a +1 but mine never responded to me or contacted after I announced her name so *shrugs*.

I didn't have my Samsung with me so went round everyone's sites stealing pictures of the event, lol.
Savvy & Chic also has a magazine. There was a banner with the cover of the recent edition featuring Chika Emmanuella. Makeup was done by Stella. Gorgeous right?
Dabs herself. We all love her texlaxed hair. She makes me want to texlax too when I see it - long and soft *sigh*.
I love her jelly peep-toe heels. DVF I think
the place setting. So colourful especially against the green of the lawn
isn't that table setting lovely. 
saw a former Client (there she is down the table, with the mic. Hi Ayisola *waves*) and it was a pleasant reunion. I usually never announce that I'm a blogger at work so when she heard from a colleague that I do, she was pleasantly surprised. You need to see me at work to understand the reason behind the 'pleasant surprise', lol.
it was an absolutely lovely setting
Haven't seen Velma of www.infashionrehab.com since the Bloggers get Blushed event way back in 2012. We do holla at each other on social media but it was nice to see her again.
Tuke of www.tukesquest.blogspot.com and I have a bit of a history - office, residential location, hair etc. but we only met on Instagram and for some reason have never actually met. We finally got to and it was soooo nice (Velma took a picture of us together. Can't wait to get my hands on it)
I met Berry, I met Berry *dancing*.
You all must have heard of Berry Dakara or read her blog berrydakara.blogspot.com or seen the comprehensive and delightful Bellanaija article on her wedding. She is also one of the contributors to the African Naturalistas site. Finally got to meet her and she is super cute. You need to check out her blog if you haven't already. Her husband makes fabulous cakes (just thinking about it makes me want to binge but NO, I need to lose some weight).
awww, see me and a lovely +1 (she had her hair in curls which I really liked. Shame I totally forgot to ask what rollers she used.) Her denim studded jacket was the bomb.
I can't believe I neglected to mention that the event had a dresscode - Strictly Florals. I had a headache wondering what to wear but finally settled on this vintage style floral Nouva Couture gown, paired it with vintage turquoise blue clip-on earrings and one of my brooches from ChezJumelle. Had a lot of compliments on my outfit. Perhaps I shouldn't be so hard on pink, it seems to suit me well.
is it just me or does seeing the rows of lovely tinted hair not make you want to tint yours too?
there is Stella
I was meeting Natural Nigerian for the very first time and didn't even have a proper chat with her *mentally spanks self*. Never letting an opportunity like that pass me by again. You all know www.naturalnigerian.com na
I didn't get to partake of the first refreshment course but Sisi Yemmie captured it
and then the rain came down and scattered our lovely party so we had to move indoors.
I partook of this and it was lovely. I love seafood so the prawns were a delight.
I usually never talk at gatherings and had to mentally scold myself when I realised I was following the same pattern. I forced myself to air my views, comment and be an active participant in the general conversation. Believe me, it wasn't as bad as my mind has accustomed itself to thinking.
saying something I can't even remember. I hope I made sense though
A group photo. Comon, some people were cut out *sad*
this was our last refreshment - the lovely cupcake bouquest made by Cakes, Berry's hubby. Ingenious I tell you.
I had A LOT of fun. It has been a while since I was at an event that wasn't work related and realised how refreshing it is. "I should do more of this", I said to myself.
Thank you for organising this Dabs *muah* and I look forward to more of such. It was an absolute pleasure meeting everyone for the first and seeing others again.


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