Photoshoot | Natural Hair with Black Child Photography

3 Aug 2014

I love photoshoots but not when I am the model. I can spend all day doing the model up and making her look pretty but when I have to be the model, it usually not at my 100% best. Well, Dipo makes me be the model every once in a while. First time was pretty impromptu but turned out to be my internet persona image (everyone says the picture looks prettier than the actual me *rolls eyes*)

Dipo actually has this Natural Hair project going on and I was included in it (without first seeking my consent as you can imagine), I was summoned to the studio and we ended up doing a whole bunch of things in addition to the natural hair. Here is a picture of one of the other stuff we got round to doing.
The fascinating thing about this shoot is that there was actually no light so we had to improvise for the shoot and it was pretty cool if you ask me. Below is the set-up we had. What say ye?

Set up - one speedlite with a lenshood taped on a boomstand, one water basin with broken mirror shards at the bottom, one large silver reflector.
The rest of the images aren't ready yet. Once they are, you bet I will share them with you here.

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