Week 3 | Khuraira Lipglosses

31 May 2014

Lipglosses! We love us some gloss on our lips don't we? Sometimes alone and sometimes to provide that glisten and sheen to finish our lip colour. Well, I got 4 from Khuraira recently which are featured in this post (along with 2 others from previous packages)

So while truthfully, I am sometimes confused as to the reason why lipglosses in different colours (especially when they aren't opaque) even exist, I will do my best to personally understand because I know quite a lot of people who love them (disclaimer - as a makeup artist, I am not in anyway connected to that last statement)

So here are the lipglosses from Khuraira. Please keep in mind that due to the fact that I have a mum and a sister, both older than me and both of whom I can't say no to especially when it comes to makeup, I don't own some of these items anymore, lol.
Aqua - my favourite of all of them. I love how lightweight it is, easy to apply and accentuates the lips. I never like clear glosses but this is absolutely gorgeous.
Notorious - a purple shimmer tinted lipgloss. Unfortunately it isn't opaque so actually appears looks clear on the lips. It is beautiful when layered over a purple lipstick or pencil. 
Forbidden - bronze tinted shimmer gloss.
Discreet - a cross between bronze and nude. This gloss is slightly opaque and blends really well with fair skin.
Glam (one of the other glosses I own) - actually a nude shimmer gloss, it turned out neutral pale on my lips. It is perfect for a two-toned nude lip which is very flattering on darker skin.
Candy (from the Khuraira spring collection) - this gloss surprised me the most due to the fact that it is only very slightly tinted. The sparkle is barely visible on the lips but the texture makes up for everything else.
Regardless of the fact that some of the glosses aren't as opaque as expected, I still like the glosses for the following reasons:
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to apply
  • Long lasting on the lips
  • Beautiful when layered over corresponding lip colours.
You can purchase these here Aqua, Forbidden, Notorious, Discreet, Glam, Candy.

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