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26 Dec 2013

Hello lovelies,
A very Merry Christmas to you all.

I am sure you all have been wondering where I have been and what I have been up to. Well, I recently got a position with Spice TV (DSTV Channel 192) as an Associate Producer in charge of Beauty. It has been gruelling but also loads of fun.

I have loads of pictures from my very first outing with the team, which was the Johnnie Walker 'Drive of a Lifetime' event. However, I will start with the most recent one - Music Meets Runway 2013. 

With an ALL ACCESS pass, we literally had the run of the place and could go anywhere we wanted. We did short backstage interviews with the makeup & hair keys, took some clips of the clothes and models before they went on stage, private interviews with some of the artists and designers and clips of the rehearsals way before the event began.
Here are some BTS pictures of #MMR2013: 
From left to right:
  • Wizkid rehearsing with Femi Kuti
  • Joyce Jacob doing her rounds as Hair & Makeup Co-ordinator for MMR2013
  • BTS of the makeup 
  • Mary Jane Ohobu of Zaron Hair & Makeup doing her thing as Head Makeup Artist for the show.
  • OlaHair making sure the boys look neat
  • Ugo Make Me creating the custom piece for Deola Sagoe's models
  • BTS of the hair
  • I spy Bayo Haastrup, Ituen Basi and Joyce Jacob
  • Custom shoes for the Ituen Basi show
  • The models rehearsing
  • Me, showing off my legs and shoes while relaxing in a chair during the rehearsals.

Spice TV built a lounge on the Red Carpet and along with SoundCity VJ and OAP - Pearl Hart, we rocked the runway.
Here are some of the pictures I took on the red carpet:
before I go on, I must say that I must be one of the worst people to put on the red carpet to take Instagram pics and label them. this is mainly because I don't know who anyone is, lol. I was told to take a pic of one of the CEO Dancers and I just had to ask 'who is that?'. didn't know who DJ case is and Emma Nyra as well. don't worry, I will repent by this time next year "word of honour"
Rita Dominic is a dear darling and she looked gorgeous. I want her skin!
I liked Veronica Ebie Odeka's well moisturised feet. Yeah, whatever, I am a feet person, everyone knows (don't look at my feet when you see me though *grin*)
I had the pleasure of doing Tomi Odunsi's makeup for the show. Fresh, girly and pink. She absolutely loved it.
She was hilarious on the red carpet. Check out her poses here
Urm, just knew about him that night so can't say much *covers face*
Ah yes, Ezinne Asinugo (thank goodness for Google, lol) and Sharon Ojong
Loved her dress
ALEK WEK!!! We literally danced when we saw her and it took all our self control not to pounce on her when we first saw her.
She was very politely as she waited her turn on the SpiceTV red carpet, twirled for us and took us through the process of choosing her outfit for the night which was by Lanre da Silva
Of course, the entire Spice TV production crew wasn't going to miss this chance of taking a picture with the lovely international super model.
With all the videos I shot here and there, I created a short #MMR2013 video. See below
Right after taking the pic with Alek Wek, I ran off home. It was 11.30pm for pete's sake and I was fagged out with tiredness and hunger - did Pearl's makeup at the boot o my car with my phone torchlight in my mouth & did Tomi's makeup in the corridor of Eko Hotel cos her room was locked and it was almost time for the show *grin*. But I still had a lot of fun.


  1. You sure had fun. Nice job. When we see, pls remind me to look at your feet :D I love Rita's skin too.

    1. Oh, Rita looks gorgeous every single time. Of cos I won't remind you *grin*

  2. Congrats on your new position...

  3. Lovely pictures!
    Happy New Year!
    Keep in touch!
    Hope you can join my 2 international giveaways:


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