#ShoppingWithBarbara: Asos Black & Gold Pumps

1 Oct 2013

You can never have too many black pumps so when you see a good buy, a gorgeous buy, don't pass it by.
These pumps were initially bought by a colleague from Asos but they ended up being too small for her.
It took about a week or two for me to decide that they were for me and when I did, it was a done deal.

The near suede, woven finish of the pumps and the gold flower detail at the tip are details I love about these pumps. For my size, I tend not to go for pumps that are too high or not well balanced but the heels of these pumps are in the middle and very sturdy so I am in safe hands.

The gold charm bracelet I got from glitter bug. It fits loosely and is just the type of near invisible, thin arm candy I like.

Can't wait to rock these.


  1. I absolutely love these! Black and gold is so timeless and chic!


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  2. Love love love the shoes.



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