Orange is the New Black! How To Wear the Warm & Bright Colour on your Lips

19 Oct 2013

So it seems that “Orange is the New Black” (A Netflix series) predicted the outcome of the new trend of the colour orange actually replacing black at New York Fashion Week. And it came true! Who would have thought that such a warm & vibrant colour can replace the somber authority and class of black.

With black being an all round favourite, we begged to differ when in December 2011 Tangerine Tango (a variant of the Orange colour) was named the Colour of the Year for 2012. As beauty fanatics, it would’ve been expected that we would welcome this colour that screams vitality, urgency, strength and an overwhelming hint of encouragement with open arms. But “oh no we didn’t”.

2012 came round and a bit of spice and zest was needed. The universe knew that and gave us this variant of the orange colour which came with vibrance and brightness and spiced 2012 up with loads of good cheer. It helped us overcome our slump, became a fad and is now an enduring trend.

Nothing makes us happier than trying colours on our skin and the best part is orange is beautiful against our dark skin.

How can you rock orange? Well, the best way to rock this look is to pair an orange lip colour with gorgeous, illumine-scent skin. Hey, matte skin is out and glowy, dewy skin is in so that absolutely works for us.

Like everything, steps are needed to  get the vibrant pulsing colour to work for us. Here are the steps and my favourite products to get the look:
  1. To get beautiful dewy skin, use the new Fashion Fair True Finish Mineral Foundation which is infused with colour adjusting technology thus ensuring a perfect skin match.
  2. Fashion Fair creamy concealer trio should then be patted on the under-eye area to conceal darkness and make it brighter. This concealer is perfect because the different shades can be customized to suit individual complexions.
  3. Then, sweep Bobbi Brown matte bronzer on relative areas to contour the face.
  4. Skip the powder; instead load up on Bobbi Brown shimmer brick applied to strategic points on the face like the forehead, temples of the cheeks etc.
  5. For the lips, the beautiful orange pout can be achieved with a variety of products. You can never go wrong with the Sephora + Pantone Universe Colour of the year crème lipstick. With it’s creamy even texture, it is perfect for a Tangerine Pout. For a more subdued orange pout, theKhuraira Diva lipstick is perfect.
Watch International celebrity makeup artist – Lisa Eldridge show us how to work the orange lip on African skin.



  1. Hi Barbara,
    Good work on your blog. I'm a makeup junkie as well. I've been looking for a Nigerian makeup blog with foundation reviews but it's almost impossible. I'm in the process of getting a new foundation just to have a change from my current Mac Matchmaster. I've previously used Revlon Colorstay and Mary Kay (which I hated so much). Planning to try out Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24hr on my oily/combination skin in the next few weeks. Would like to have a review from someone who's used it here in our Naija climate.

    1. Hello Faith, I haven't seen Lancome here in Nigeria even though I have heard of it. In general though, water based, mattifying foundations work best in our weather and if you have oily skin, a mattifying primer is a double must.
      Hope this helps.


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