FOTD with Nokia Lumia 920: Lighted Pink using 'The Fashion Fair 1980’s Fresh Capsule Collection'

22 May 2013

Hello Lovelies,
In the first mail I got from Nokia about reviewing the Lumia 920, reference was made to the fact that I am in the beauty industry. It only makes sense for me to resist the temptation of any other comparison outside of beauty and makeup pictures ie. FOTDs, product Reviews etc.

Here is the first FOTD using the Lumia. Incidentally, the pictures make me look like a porcelain doll and aligns somewhat with the Fashion Fair Capsule Collection I used - 1980s Fresh Collection
I really wanted to use products from the Fashion Fair 80s Capsule collection I received from Gifty's Daughter and so I picked a pink print dress to wear to church.
Going for a very simple look, I used
MAC Shadester
Fashion Fair 80s Capsule Collection blush in Ginger Berry

Zaron Brow powder
Clear Mascara
Fashion Fair Multi level eye shadow/lip gloss compact
Wet n Wild Silk Finish creative eye shadow 6356
No name black liner

Fashion Fair Fresh Pink lipstick
Fashion Fair Tickled Pink lip teaser
(both from the 1980s Fresh Capsule Collection)

Gifty's Daughter pink dual Powder/Foundation brush
Gifty's Daughter yellow dual flat/fluffy eyeshadow brush
MaryKay Cheek brush (the angled one I have is not sold anymore)
Orekelewa Spoolie & deluxe angle brush this very first post with makeup pictures from the Lumia 920, I must say that for someone who loves absolutely clear, crisp and well defined pictures, I was disappointed with the Lumia in this regard.
I am looking forward to better pictures from it though. Perhaps will take some pictures of the capsule collection with it.

I rarely wear pink so was wondering - Do you like the look?

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