‘Ankara Rebel’ AT LOST IN LAGOS

20 Dec 2012

A beauty to behold, when the glory of a woman is beautifully adorned for all to see
I was at the last edition of the Lost in Lagos shopping event at Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos. I didn’t get to take pictures of the different stands as I was without my camera but I saw a lot of beautiful items for sale there. From printed clothes and hand made art items to antique jewellery and even home accessories.

I was there with my neighbour and we were even stalled by a lady whose stand had these amazing rubber shoes that had a 5-year warranty on them (and they were amazing). I could not afford to purchase any of them that day but I look forward to purchasing sometime soon.

I met Pepper Okwesa of Retrospectvie, Maureen Onyejiaka of Ankara Rebel and Lisa Folawiyo of Jewel by Lisa (I tweeted about meeting her there and she remembering me which was really cool)

As usual when I go for these types of events, I had a limited budget and so got only these 2 hair adornments from Ankara Rebel.
I love how unique they are and how versatile they can be too. Of course the second one comes tops on the unique scale.

I definitely look forward to attending one of these again and this time, I shall definitely be better prepared.

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