Loving Filters

2 Nov 2012

I have been away for so long and I know I rarely ever say anything about myself but I have been sick. A lot of you have been wondering if there is anything wrong with me and why I never say anything outside of makeup but that is going to change.

On a blogger forum I am part of I discovered Pixlr. One of the things it can help you do is to give your pictures filters and some other things (which Instagram is famous for). I don't have Instagram but have always loved the vintage feel of its pictures and so I was excited to try this out.
Chychy in the rain.
I don't know if any of you remember this shoot Am I Vixen? This picture is from there.
The effect makes her look like she is posing behind a window with rain falling.
I am so loving this lace dress right now. I want to have it sewn but not sure the lace material I have will be suitable for the whimsy style of it.
From one of my recent shoots which you should check out on my FB page. The lip is red but the filter gave it an old feel. The head gear is actually a bright blue colour, lol.
My absolute favourite of all the pictures. Also from a recent shoot. Don't you just love that red colour?
I titled this picture 'crazy in love'. She looks really happy here.
Old pictures of me. None of them is more than a year old. They sure look like they were taken decades ago.
You remember this from my profile pictures right?
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  1. lovely pictures
    nice blog too

  2. lovely!!!!! that red is gorgeous!!!!

  3. Replies
    1. You visited, you visited, you visited, im so happy about that. Thank you so much Chioma.

  4. Gorgeous pictures and I love the filters!
    Thank you for your nice comment, I am also glad to come by a fellow Nigerian Blogger from the motherland!
    I am following your blog on GFC, TWITTER FB AND Pinterest!

    1. Hiii Deola, thank you so much for visiting me back. You have no idea how much it means to me *muah*

  5. Beautiful!


  6. You look gorgeous!

    Anna Joan Vu

    1. Lol, thanks dear. The guys in my office actually say they prefer the original pic to the last filtered one.


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