Product Review: Fashion Fair Cashmere Brown Lipstick

15 Oct 2012

This post and this post are the closest I have ever come to using a bronze or chocolate colour on my lips. Well, I got another Fashion Fair goodie bag from Funke at the Fair and in it was this bronze-chocolate lipstick.
So I am hardly a fan of chocolatey lip colours I don't know why but after having seen some gorgeous chocolate lip combos in recent times, I look forward to trying this out. I especially like the frosty finish that it has.

- It has a pigmented and moisturising formula which means your lips are safe with this lippie. 
- If you have dark lips however, be sure to cover them with a concealer or lip erase so the colour of the l/s is not distorted.


  1. Ooh, what a colour! I love the gorgeous purple tones.


    1. That is so true. Didn't realise that under the bronzey colour were purple undertones. It is a lovely colour.


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