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14 Sept 2012

No matter how much you are willing to spend to get the right look, sometimes your looks are proportional to the right use of items. You probably don’t know but there are many items that need your attention when it comes to makeup, and some of these essentials are right at your home. Whether you need the right lip stain or want to add a little softness to your skin, you can use some of the most common items in your kitchen or bathroom.

Here are a few items that can be found around your house that can offer you harmless homemade makeup.
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Getting the perfect lips: looking for stained natural lips? You can try some of the most popular coloring fruits and veggies such as pomegranate, raspberry, blackberry, and most popular, beets. If you have petroleum jelly, transparent lip balm or olive oil, you can use the mashed and smashed veggies with the jelly and use the same as a lip conditioner. Beets are known to have the best staining effect, which can last for hours. Ensure that your teeth are safe from the colors as you may end up staining them if you are not careful.

Another item that you can use to condition your lips is Vitamin E capsules. The kind of conditioning this gives is at par with the best lip balms in the world.

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The perfect face that glows: When you need to get the perfect makeup base or need the perfect compact powder, try baby face powder that’s mild and gentle on your skin. Use a makeup puff and dab a little baby powder on your skin. Such powders are known to be designed for soft and glowing skin and can easily replace your expensive face powder when you seek quick solutions.

Also, when you don’t want to use too much blush, use beets mixed with petroleum jelly and dab same on your cheeks. What you need to ensure is the amount of beets you should use. Keep in mind that beets can cause stains that can last for hours, so keep checking the kind of blushed look you need.

Another trick is to mix some eye shadow with baby powder as a quick solution to blusher in the nick of time when you need it most.

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Keep your eyes classically beautiful: Like we buy clothes online, we tend to shop for makeup items online too. Honestly speaking, there aren’t many options for getting your makeup done at home for eyes. However, keeping your eyes clean and free from makeup is easy with just a few items. When you don’t have the makeup removal lotion with you, you can use baby oil as a quick substitute. There are many women who use rose water in their eyes to clean the impurities, and undoubtedly, this is one of the purest and safest ways to keep your eyes fresh. If you use lenses, be careful while using baby oil for cleaning the eyes.

So next time when you don’t have the makeup kit with you or you need to buy a makeup removal kit, use some of the tips given above. You will be able to reduce the harm to your skin in many ways. Staying with glowing skin is a matter of choice and the use of right items.

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