Stella's Addiction Studio Launch

8 Aug 2012

If you are familiar with the Nigerian beauty blog scene then you definitely know you definitely know Stella Maris of Stella's Addiction.

I am glad to say that she has relocated back to Nigeria and recently opened her own makeup studio in the heart of Victoria Island, Lagos state. Of course yours truly was there and I took pictures for you all

p.s. I really do need to get a new camera but please bear with me until that becomes a reality

This is what Stella was doing when I walked in
Stella's team
Stella and her team. Might I add that everyone was in a frenzy and we had to steal a few seconds to take this shot.
I loved the vantage position of the carrier bags because you see them every time you look at the products on sale
ah yes. From left to right - pictures on the walls of the studio, the work station, and more pictures on the wall
Coming soon at the Stella's Addiction makeup studio - Urban Decay, Bdellium brushes, Video tutorials, MAC, MUFE etc.
the products on sale
the delicious cup cakes which unfortunately I didn't get to taste
Stella & I
those heels weren't high at all and I still looked short next to her *sigh*
Don't you just love my afro for closing up some of the gap? lol
A big congratulations to Stella. 

Be sure to head on over to her site for more pictures from the launch here

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  1. Lol i love ur afro wow maybe i could finally get matched for my mac foundation that have been saving for LOl


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