Product Review: Zaron Glosses, Mascaras, Loose Powder & Balm

2 Jul 2012

Hello everyone,

Here is the last installment of my Zaron products reviews.
Cotton Candy and Rusted Over. 
I have a sample size of Cotton candy which i used for this look. I love the pigmentation but Rusted Over is of a lighter pigmentation and cannot be used on its own for total lip coverage.
This l/p is the perfect companion for either Cotton Candy or Rusted over. it is a beautiful, creamy, pigmented lip pencil. Can be used alone with clear lip gloss or lip balm over it.
I am addicted to lip balms and use them for most of my work day FOTDs. I used this lip balm over a lip pencil in this look. I also love the signature packaging which means you can proudly bring it out of your purse and apply throughout the day. Having used a Zaron lip balm before, I knew to expect a lot of moisture and I was not disappointed
I more often than not use compacts on myself and loose powder on Clients and models but I have had to try this out for myself. However, due to the unique nature of my skin, I cannot truly testify to the Oil control qualities of this product but I must say that after recently going over to using under-eye concealing on regular work days, this powder sets anything under my eyes beautifully. On the days, I have a sheen, it is restricted to just my cheeks, my nose, chin and forehead while my under-eye area remains well set until i take my makeup off.
*sigh* what more can I say about the Zaron eyebrow definer powders? They are beautiful, but be careful how you use them or you will have really dark and over filled brows as both shades are really pigmented. I use the darker one to define the lower line of my brows and the lighter shade to actually fill in my brows (if i used the dark one, id look like i had black brows, lol)
I must say that I am still not very impressed with this mascara (yes, both of them). The product is too thick, the mascara doesn't work the lashes very well and they tend to drag on the lashes without depositing much product. I was excited to get the blue one again, in the hopes that maybe the issue was with the previous one but it seems that it is a constant issue that needs to be sorted out from production.

Have you used any of the products above? Please feel free to leave your comments as I am looking forward to reading your reviews on them too.

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