Product Review: Blush Eye Pencils and Minted Rose Lip Balm

18 Jun 2012

All my twitter peeps remember that I tweeted some swatches over the weekend of Blush Beauty eye pencils and nude lippies (click them to see the tweets). I hadn't familiarized myself with the Blush pencils and lippies during all my visits there so it was a pleasant surprise to see such beautiful colours.

I was there over the weekend and I left with my very own pencils and a mint rose balm which knowing how much i love all things minty; will be my fav lip balm before the month is out. Thank you so much Bola *muah*

Diamondline pencil in Roseate, Pencil in Sun Kiss and Smith's Lip Balm in Minted Rose
I was soooooo tempted to put my finger in it when I first opened it. Thank God i was able to keep my hand in place until after the picture was taken.
I tried to see if the camera could pick up the vibrant colour and all the glitter but it couldn't *sad*. Be careful of the glitter particles when using to line the waterline. perfect to highlight the inner eye area.
I love the true orange colour of this pencil. Can't wait to try it out on my waterline. It has a creamy formulation and glides well.

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