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In all my various visits to different websites and connecting with individuals in the vast beauty industry web space, one thing comes across as a constant - each ‘authentic’ individual is true to who they are. They do not pretend to be who they are not and if they seem to be all-knowing it is due to the amount of experience in their coffers. Remember, no one can teach what they haven’t themselves learnt over time. They don’t pretend to have been born with it; they let you know that it is as a result of what they have learnt.

They have gradually become a force unto themselves and you know why? Over the years and over time, they have evolved to become brands of their own. They are consistent, they are natural, they are forces in their industry, they are constantly evolving for the better. They are not stagnant, they maintain relationships, they are mentors who are always willing to lend a helping hand.

I am sure you can already guess who these individuals are. Well, i will oblige you and name a few of them: Sam Fine (Global Creative Director for Fashion Fair), Alex Box (Illamasqua Global creative Director), Jennifer James (The Brow Architect), Pat McGrath (Creative design Director of Procter & Gamble), Ungenita Prevost (The Tony Robbins of Beauty), Crystal Wright (The Empowerment Diva) amongst so many others.

Want to become a brand? I am on the same journey myself and would love to have you come along on the ride with me as we explore the tough and rough journey to creating a beauty brand.

Barbara & 1923
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