Brush Review: Real Techniques Core Collection Brush set

2 Mar 2012

Unlike a lot of other makeup artists who knew about the Pixiwoo sisters even before they launched their makeup careers, i didn't get to know them until last year (no thanks too to Nigerian Internet connection and so i missed out on a lot of their videos) and i absolutely love them. Thank you Sam and Nicole for all the wonderful tuts *muah!*

In one of the videos i noticed some colourful brushes used by Sam and i wondered and wondered and wondered .... what brand it was until one day i caught the name "Real Techniques". I rushed to check it out and you will not imagine my excitement when i realised that they were the colourful brushes used by Sam. I was disappointed to note that there was no international shipping from the site then but fortune smiled on me last year and i was able to get assistance from a makeup artist friend who purchased the Core Collection Set for me *dancing*

The first thing my sister said when she saw them was "they are so cute". i totally agree with that. 
the package
the brushes

the brushes in the holder
the buffing brush
Contour brush
Concealer brush
foundation brush
There was a mishap with the buffing brush that came with my original Core Collection purchase and you will not believe that within about 3 weeks or so of reporting the incident to RT, my brush was replaced and i was asked to pick another RT brush i would like to try out as a gift for the inconvenience i went through *surprised face*. I chose the stippling brush - with the pretty pink handle - and here they are
my new brushes - the stippling brush and the buffing brush
the 2 brushes standing on their bases
close up of the stippling brush
- These brushes are super pretty and the big ones can actually stand on their own (as seen from the pictures)
- The packaging is unique and the handles are colour coded. check out their website to see what the different colour handles signify.
- The bristles are super soft
- The Core Collection pack doubles as a stand for the brushes as can be seen from the 5th picture in this post.

Unfortunately i am yet to put them to real hard use like my other brushes because i am afraid they will fall apart. Overall, from the few times i have used them on myself they seem to be worth their mettle. I must say that when they arrived, they were smaller than i had imagined they would be, lol. But their customer service is on point, I am so happy about that and I an assure you that if you ever have a complaint you will be attended to promptly.

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