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29 Feb 2012

Here is my blog gift which i won on Stellas Addiction Holiday Giveaway in January (please refer to my previous post - DOT bag for the other blog giveaway i won). It was a sponsored giveaway and as stated in the post, the winner would win the full set of the J'ouvert Cosmetics gel liners.

I was the WINNER *yaaay!* and imagine my surprise when i went to the post office to collect my package and there were 3 of them in the carton &surpirised face*. Alas, aside from the gel liners i had also received a cream blush and the Drama Lash mascara set.

the entire package (from bottom - top) - gel liners, Drama lash mascara & cream blush
Deep Impact Blush
swatch of the Blush
The Blush is highly pigmented. Considering that this is my very first cream blush (God finally answering my prayers and sending me one) i was pretty excited to see it.

As you can see from the swatch it is a buildable product which shows up even on dark skin. Being me, and loving to use colours in different places, you can be sure that i will be using it on the lips and eyes very soon.

The Drama Lash mascara set is made up of the mascara itself and a duo fibre product which is to be appleid to the lashes to create increased volume.
i totally love the wand of the mascara. the bristles are firm clusters guaranteed to separate lashes and distribute the product evenly.
i must confess that when i first saw this i thought it was a dried up mascara with an itsy-bitsy wand perfect for lower lashes and i chucked it in the bin immediately after taking the pictures. On a whim i visited the J'ouvert Cosmetics site on my Blackberry phone one day while tidying up stuff and looked up the Drama Lash mascara only to see it there. I quickly retrieved it from the trash (Thank God it was still there) and I have been looking for an opportunity to use it ever since.
The actual win in a beautiful fuchsia pink package
the products in tissue
my 5 gel liners and an angled liner brush
Apparently, the gel liners always arrive with this wooden handled angled brush which i must admit is perfect for lining the eyes. Reminds me do much of Eco-tools.
All the liners come in this purple package (this is the black one. FYI, only the black and brown ones have the colours written on them)
all my beautiful J'ouvert gel liners in their glass bottles (not sure its glass though cos it doesn't break when it mistakenly falls to the floor). The transparent bottles help in identifying what product it is as can be seen from the next picture.
from left - black, brown, purple, blue and green
when opened they have a foil seal. Which is great because it prevents drying up of the product until it is opened after purchase.
the foil seal in the black liner has the J'ouvert logo on it
the black liner is matte and a very pure black i must admit.
as can be seen from the pictures of the products and the swatches above, only the black liner is matte. The others have shimmers in them
this is me trying so very hard to clean the swatches off. I ended up having to use a cream product and a tissue (while rubbing hard) to get them off the back of my hand.
I have incorporated the cream blush, mascara and gel liners into some of my daily looks so far (pictures will come when my camera is back from sabbatical as it is currently MIA). I recently received a sponsored brush set (which i will be reviewing soon)and so the angled brush has been relieved of e/l application duties.

Oops, i forgot to mention earlier that the gel liners are perfect as cream bases too and since they are waterproof they will perform double duty on the eyes as well *wink*

I will absolutely recommend this product to both makeup artists and makeup lovers and i really thank J'ouvert Cosmetics and StellaMaris for this wonderful package.

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