Magazine Review: Beauty OverDose Magazine (B.O.M)

23 Feb 2012

The Nigerian Beauty Industry was all agog with a new publication late last year - B.O.M.
With Eni Lise Balogun as the Editor in Chief, you can be sure that this magazine will go places. If you want to read more about the EIC of this magazine, check out this post

A page by page survey of the magazine:

the cover has Munachi looking very egyptian in black and bronze. I love the makeup, the styling of the shoot, the expression on her face and the picture itself, priceless!
the magazines contributors
the EIC herself
makeup tips for the tropics. You know our weather calls for meltproof beauty *wink*
Is your hair breaking? you need this page
cover story - she definitely looks like a goddess i must say

star profile - Danessa Myricks of I Make You Beautiful (OMG, i would be in cloud nine if i got a chance to interview her *dreamy sigh*)
Now wouldnt i love to be in this list *long sigh* not yet anyway. But it features the likes of Banke Meshida, Bimpe Ogunmakin, Princess Amayo, Bolanle Okusanya Feyita (UK based Nigerian MUA) .....
... and Eni Lise herself
YES! its our very own Weird MC. Peachy nail polish on her fingers? Eni deserves an award for making this happen.
do you see what i see?

This magazine is the first of its kind in Nigeria. As we are yet to have a magazine that focuses solely on makeup and beauty.

Kudos to Eni Lise and her team and I must say that I am looking forward to the next edition of this magazine.


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