1923 Face of the Day 'with all Nigerian brands'

19 Dec 2011

Im sure a couple of you will have been wondering where all my FOTDs went to. Well, iv been battling a bout of acne so my face isnt exactly the nicest and recently i woke up with dry, cracked up eyelids so iv been going around with makeupless (is that even a word lol?) eyes.

But I said to myself that i owe it to you all to do a FOTD before i go on break and my face and eyes conformed enough to get this relatively ok look out in time for the holidays. If you look carefully, im sure you will see some pimples sticking out *hiding my head in shame*

Oops, before i show you all the pictures, the main highlight of this look is that i have incorporated all (or most at least) Nigeria's indigenous makeup brands into the look and that is the only reason why i am super excited to show it to you all regardless of the other stuff happening on my face.

I used
Lise eyelash primer and cucumber stress gel for my face and lashes
Tara dual foundation powder (all over my face and to contour) and purple liquid liner
Zaron lip balm and oil control loose powder
From BMPro, is Mahbrook (which shockingly looks like the l/s i wore on the day of the Ikeja studio launch) and lovely colour collection mascara in blue
And of course if you all know me i never do my makeup without some blush on my cheeks. Im sure you know where the blush in this look came from.....Blush's Tropicana blush of course, lol.

So here are pictures of the look from the best angles i could find and in a bid to hide my pimples and cracked up eyelids (which i have nothing on them besides. I have raccoon eyes and here they look like a subtle brown smokey eye).

why does this picture look wierd?

See how dark my eyes are here? There is not a speck of makeup on it but both the dryness and my natural raccoon eyes are mixed together, lol.
I almost always contour my cheeks with the darkest powder in the Tara  dual foundation powder palette. It's almost finished now *sob* gotta go get me some more. And in case you were asking, yes, i contour my face practically everyday i have makeup on.
that wretched pimple. If i catch you ehn! thank God for proper angles and lighting o
Can you see the slight hint of my Tropicana blush?

I love the fact that i took the pictures with natural light, they came out so nice and the colours are exact. Thank goodness i was smart enough to do this *whew*

My face of the day didnt turn out so bad or what do you guys think? 3 gbosas for Nigerian makeup brands.

*I have not been sponsored to write this post. Some of the products used were courtesy of the brand owners.


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