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8 Oct 2011

I recently mentioned in an inbetween post that I had 3 special finds to share with all readers of my blog.

*special find – any makeup brand, tool or accessory that isnt very common or popular in Nigeria

Like earlier mentioned, they were all discovered in 3 different hauls but im putting them all together in one post.

1. NARS Duo of Orgasm and Laguna:
I was supposed to be on an errand for my office at Trade fair but of course as happens to even the best of us Winking smile I couldn’t resist not going to Kuddy Cosmetics for one thing or the other. So I was there, getting somethings. And then, just as I was about to leave, in one of the makeup bins close to the door, I spied something

100_3560 100_3561

Yes, the NARS blush and bronzer duo. These arent just any ordinary NARS blush and bronzer but Orgasm and Laguna.  I picked it up and chucked out some things from the basket. I then turned to my colleague and asked for some money all I knew is that I had to buy it and buy it I did. Im so glad I did.

2. Pill Box:
I am a strong advocate of compressing ones kit. It makes for better organisation and use of space. The most annoying items in my kit however were my lipsticks. They were always rolling about, falling everytime I open the box and generally annoying me and so I resolved to go in search of a pillbox. Id seen them used in a lot of youtube videos and even some of my fellow bbloggers have shown them and I figured that it would be my redemption from them lipsticks. And thus the search began.

You cant imagine how frustrating this was Eye rolling smile. I almost gave up. Some pharmacies I entered didn’t even know what I was asking about. And then one day, I randomly entered a pharmacy and asked about a pillbox. the attendant scratched her head, and said “I think we have one”. it took them roughly 15mins to find it and get it cleaned enough to bring it out of the box to show me and ask if its what I wanted. And when they finally did, I totally loved it at first sight. here it is

100_3699 100_3700

The wells werent deep enough for my really large size lipsticks but I can say that most of them were successfully depotted into this

100_3716 100_3717100_3718100_3719

and now, im a very happy woman cos iv 29 lippies in this baby and no more rolling around and scattering and searching under tables and chairs for one that rolled away (im on the prowl for another pill box though cos the one I bought was the last they had in the storeCrying face an div more lippies that need depotting)
**there is a huge possibility that i may not be adding l/s names in upcoming FOTDs due to the depotting process.

3. Colour wheel:
In recent times, iv heard, read and listened to a lot about colour in makeup. Iv always known that colour was important but until recently, it didn’t click that colour also had to do with our skin shades and undertones *dum, dum!

So I got myself a colour wheel


Im very happy with all these purchases and I must say that they do qualify as special finds.

Still on the prowl for 99% alcohol. If only they’d stop directing me to wine shops, my troubles would be lesser.

P.S. Here is my tradefair haul along with the NARS duo

From top – Milani mosaic powder, Black Opal lipsticks in Inner Harmony and Seduction, Black Opal total coverage concealing foundation in Truly Topaz and a no-name angled brush.

Hope you like my special finds.


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