7 Oct 2011

Here is a recent haul of mine, actually a couple of weeks ago. I used up all my foundation and I needed to get a new one. So I went off to Alade market and as usual, ended up buying more than just the one MaryKay 600 foundation. So here is everything I bought


1. MaryKay Medium coverage foundation in 600 and 507
2. Sassi Clear eyelash glue
3. L'oreal Panoramic Curl mascara in black
4. Clear mascara (for my brows)
5. Constance Carroll Mega volume mascara in black
6. Ruby kisses lip gloss in
7. Jordana lipgloss in
8. Marykate and Ashley cream shadow stick in


The CC mascara is also just da bomb. It does what it says, it has a huge brush and the formula is creamy. It isn’t waterproof though. The Panoramic curl mascara separates lashes really well and I love the curve of the brush.

Here are swatches of the glosses and the cream shadow stick.


From left - MaryKate & Ashley cream e/s in, Jordana lipgloss in 51 pink crush, Jordana lipgloss in 58 hot lips, Ruby Kisses crystal gloss in Tropical paradise

Im looking at the cream shadow stick as my go-to cream shadow base, in place of shadesticks and paintpots. I tried it for my colour blocking look and the orange definitely popped. Im going to add it to my personal collection and purchase more for the kit.

Im not sure why I bought the Ruby Kisses gloss in that shade, it has a goldish tint to it and lots of glitter. Not my style at all. Il just pop it into my box and use it for shoots only. Im dying to try the pale pink Jordana gloss cos im always in peach instead. Its about time I tried something else.

Here is my new brow groomer


I love the haul and im looking forward to trying out all of them. I just hope il have the courage to use the bright pink gloss and perhaps the Ruby kisses gloss too.


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