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30 Sept 2011

Hello everyone, i am really sorry for not updating my blog for a while now. I have been having serious issues with the internet provider for the past couple of weeks now.

I am yet to fully accept the one blog award sent to me by the Relentless builder (thank you so much girlfriend)

I also have 3 special finds all in separate hauls (of which 2 of the special finds were individual purchases) which i cant wait to share with you all and so many 1923 Face of the Days.

Im working on my internet connection and will be back fully very soon. Until then, Ciao and i love you all



  1. Congratulations on the award. I am looking forward to the post on them.

    Issues with internet service provider? That must be annoying. I hope it gets fixed soon *fingers crossed*

    And of course, I can't wait to see the special makeup finds.

  2. thanks girl.
    As for the special makeup finds im sure they wont be so special for you but i went through a lot to get them here
    i cant wait to upload the posts myself.


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