Promotional pics for Mercy Johnson

14 Sept 2011

This post was to come way before the wedding post but i somehow didnt get around to it. Early this year, Mercy Johnson released promotional pics (im not so sure i understand what that means though. But i guess its for further publicity). Amaka Ononobaku (one of the big names in Ghana's makeup industry) was the makeup artist for the shoot.

I have my comments on the makeup (as usual)
*Pictures culled from Bellanaija

i liked this look and the makeup for it

who the hell did that blue e/s for her?It looks horrible

this dress isnt the most flattering on her body shape and the expression on her face doesnt help the makeup much even though i really cant see the makeup in the  picture

i dont like the lipstick colour here though. the hint of blue under her eyes works well here

pinkish nude obviously looks good on her skin ala the shoes

the hot pink pair is gorgeous against her skin

this picture is the best of the lot.the purple is lovely and fits her body shape very well along with the fitted top

i love the last 2 pics. the bold hues work well with her skin tone.
Thats all folks. Before i forget, here is a picture of Mercy with nude makeup on, i think she looks really nice what do u say?

she looks so good.

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