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19 Sept 2011

On my way back from work i decided to make some purchases. Very affordable (as far as I am concerned and that is what this blog is about – looking good with Nigerian stocked products) and easy to get (I know that the they can be found everywhere cos iv seen them everywhere)

I updated my hair band collection (I don’t use the regular hair bands i.e. Alice bands; I use the big hair bands which you use as a scrunchie but they are rubber. I don’t think im explaining it well, but you will see the picture and understand what I mean.

Clockwise from left – shower cap (I forgot mine in the salon when I went to steam my hair. This type is actually quite soft but very durable. It is also big enough for my huge head and holds up well under heat. Im sorry I don’t have an actual picture of it outside the packaging), earrings, brown pencil eye/lip liners (which I use with almost every lipstick but especially for my everyday lip) and the hair bands

The earrings – I meant to remove the cost but I then decided against it. These are really beautiful earrings and they come in different colours. Im planning on getting all the colours (regardless of what you guys say)

Here is a close up picture of the hair bands. I already have pink, green, blue, yellow and black. I wanted to update the collection and buy additional colours. I bought another black cos I use the black more often. Im sure you will be seeing them on my hair in a lot of my looks


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