1923 Face of the Day: A Flick…. and Green? Guess not

19 Aug 2011

Im sure you are amused at the title of this post but the fact is, im supposed to have a wash of green eyeshadow on my eyelid but it didnt show. I usually dont like heavy colour on my eyes for everyday looks (as you all must have noticed) and i usually just go for a wash but today i guess the wash was too subtle cos the camera didnt catch it.

Today, i used a wash of the green in the Black Opal Rain forest mosaic palette (for some reason i wanted the colour on my eyes and didnt want to wear it – im wearing a black and grey outfit), a flicked eyeliner with the MaryKay liquid liner in black, my fav blush from orekelewa which il review one day, along with my staple MUD bronze highlighter, no-name brown lip liner, MUD rose clay lipstick and Revlon lipgloss.

close up of the look
I remembered the name of the mosaic palette yippee! I did the Mario Dedivanovic trick of eyes first, under eye concealer and up and down mascara and i love the outcome. What do you think?

Some pimples popped up on my chin and forehead, hoping they wont be there by next week. Im afraid i skipped parts of my skincare routine and now im paying for it.

Have a nice weekend and let me know what you all did.

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